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          UNB’s Classics Society is the place to be for Classics, Ancient History  and Archaeology students!  Headquartered in the luxurious Classics Library, we offer a close-knit and supportive community both academic and otherwise.  Highlights include regular Movie Nights, parties, dinner outings, an Ancient Dinner complete with authentic ancient food, and clothing with hilarious Greek and Latin Quotes!  Students flock to the Classics Library, or as we like to call it “The Lounge”, to do homework, consult our various texts, or just hang out, and we have our very own computer room right across the hall!

As it stands the price of membership is $6.  The membership provides you with access to our departmental computer room, complete with printer.  Also located in the computer room is a mini-fridge and microwave!  We also have extremely cheap coffee, hot chocolate and tea!


The Membership will also guarantee a cheaper price on access to movie nights as well as on pizza days.

We have a fun and exciting year planned for the 2006-2007 school year so we hope that you will frequently visit our Recent and Upcoming events page as well as our Bulletin Board page.  We will be updating them weekly or as necessary!

Attic black-figure amphora by Exekias: Ajax and Achilles playing a game. c. 540-530 B.C. Vatican